First Walk Cycle Animation test : Yep !!

Here we are :)

The first animation test is here !!

Yep, the SpaceShip of ZloOb  - who was unknow until now ;) - is walking :)

This is a basic walk cycle to test the RIG done, and I think it's good :)
So now let's start making a new RIG for ZloOB :)

Zloob is coming ! A supa guest star will be part of the project !

Hello everyone !

Here's a test pic of a guest star who's gonna take part of the story !

His name is Mc Dukky.

The first part of pre-production is almost done, I mean the modelisation part.

The second part will be soon begin with the rigging process.

See you soon with some fresh news =)

Storyboard of "ZloOb is coming !" finished !

Hell yeah ! Here we are !! the StoryBoard for this sketch is done and finished.

This week will begin with a modeling session for props and the scene.

To be continued ...

But, who is ZloOb ??

Hi, as I updated my blog, I deleted my last article on ZloOb in order to make a brand new article on him. So, let's go !

Who 's ZloOb ?

He's a cartoon chara and was born in October 2011, from a serie of sketch. From this came up the personnality of the character.

Why this name ?

Ahah, cause... I dunno. This strange name came up in my head, and it sounds like....freaky funky name !
What's his purpose ?

He's a litlle alien crashed on Earth, because he was sleeping while his spaceship was in trouble ! For the rest, you will see what ZloOb's mission in the future episode I'm working hardly on !

The evolution of the design : 

 1st version :

2nd version :

3rd version :


4rth version :

For the moment, the 4rth version is the last and definitive one, i'm worked on new eyes textures, but the Rayban style is definitivly the ZloOb's style !

I work on a new Rig, in order to give him life by animating him ! 

Here's a quick view of a little test on shape Keys : 

The show must go on !! :)


The First Episode of ZloOb adventures ! Let me introduce you "ZloOb is coming ! "

Hi everyone !

Yep, this is a surprise, i'm working on the 1st episode where Zloob's coming to Life, and that will be pretty cool ! In this moment, i'm working on the  Storyboard and organize the severals steps to produce this episode.

The model of ZloOb is done for a long time, but everything about riggging, setup and animation have to be done !

I let you on this music, especially choose for this short sketch ! Let your imagination guess who's gonna coming !!!! =D